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The piglet needs a particular diet that adapts perfectly to the conditions of his age, still immature and in full digestive and immune development.

INGASO FARM designs specific feeding programs from the suckling stage so that the piglet can overcome weaning, show its growth potential and be ready to face the fattening phase.

Lactoinitiator – Creep feed concentrates (0,5-1Kg)

INGASO lactoinitiator concentrates are specifically designed to produce excellent creep and weaning feeds, based on meticulous research in order to select the most effective combination of raw materials, additives and components.

Thanks to this, the inclusion of INGASO concentrates together with the rest of raw materials (cereals, soya, proteins) guarantee top quality creep and weaner feeds, extremely palatable and digestible, which allow an optimum digestive and enzymatic development of the piglet.

Our initiation concentrates contain high levels of vitamins, minerals and trace elements thus meeting all the nutritional requirements of the animal. The zootechnical additives selected by INGASO FARM are protected so that they will act in the key places of the piglet’s intestine and thus be rendered more efficient. By adding a stable probiotic, INGASO lactoinitiators significantly boost the piglet’s immune system. By these means an inhibitory action against Gram negative bacteria is achieved, as well as a stimulus of the growth of beneficial gut flora.

INGASO FARM concentrates rely on the most effective synergetic combination of acidifiers, probiotics and prebiotics, encouraging an optimum balance of the digestive flora of the piglet and managing to control E.coli population.
Our enzymatic complex improves the digestibility of diets high in raw cereals such as wheat and barley, thus optimizing the intake of feed, increasing the daily weight gain and reducing the CR.
Our products guarantee a safe and natural transition to later diets.

Maximizes digestibility

High quality proteins

Stimulate enzymatic maturation of the piglet

Easy manufacture of the final feed

High palatability; Increase feed intake


INGASO FARM has developed a complete range of concentrates to manufacture prestarter feeds which act as perfect continuation from the initiator and creep feeds.

INGASO FARM recognises the key importance of this stage in the animal’s growth, and so has concentrated much of its research on developing products for this phase by bringing together the best combination of acidifiers, probiotics and enzymatic complexes in order to ensure the continuation of an optimum weaning stage and the safe and progressive growth and feed intake.
Final feeds elaborated from INGASO Prestarter concentrates are an ideal choice as follow-on from creep and lactoinitiator feeds in early weaning (21 days) or as first feed in traditional older weaning (25-28 days) as part of a two feeds programme. By using our Prestarter concentrates, it is possible to formulate with raw cereals and high percentages of soya with total confidence. In this way we are able to reduce feed cost and also to guarantee a smooth transition, without any problem, to later diets.

By feeding piglets with feeds containing INGASO concentrates, we naturally increase daily intake maintaining at the same time the digestion capacity, enabling the subsequent constant and uniform weight gain, without digestive problems.

Prolong the beneficial effects of the initiator.

Increase consumptions and safe digestions.

Prepare the piglet for a perfect transition to the starter feed.


Keeping in mind the objective of maximising the animal’s growth, based on its genetic potential, and achieving optimum transformation index, INGASO FARM offers the pig producer a range of concentrates for the production of complete starter feeds.

These concentrates are designed maintaining a perfect balance between the adequate effective inclusion of key agents to promote beneficial intestinal flora, and the maximum profitability of the starter feed during this important phase. INGASO concentrates for starter feeds continue to offer the same excellent palatability to the final feed at the same time as improving the digestibility of the diet so that the animal is able to benefit fully from its feed intake.
It is of utmost importance that the animal can move from previous feed to starter feed without suffering an adaptation crisis which could lead to the emergence of digestive problems. This is the key to our success.

One of the key factors in INGASO FARM’s success in the nutrition of piglets is optimum manufacturing of complete and balanced concentrates which enable both the pig to maintain a healthy gut, while at the same time encourage a quick enzymatic maturity in the animal. This allows closing the gap between the genetic potential of the pig and on-farm performance. Besides, our concentrates allow us to formulate diets with high levels of soya and raw cereals with total confidence.

Continues the protection action on the digestive mucosa during the developing of the digestive system of the piglet.

Prepares for a smooth transition to growing-fattering.

It enables the animal to express its genetic potential.

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