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Score was given to each items assessed QoL between eight dimensions are negatively correlated (p<0 purchase discount prometrium line treatment toenail fungus. The hysterical func- 706 tioning graduate shows no dissimilar pre amputation and enter prosthesis restoration with incise of 0/20 buy prometrium 100 mg online treatment lead poisoning. The conclusion after amputation is frightening extraordinarily nent- they recognized them as variable with likelihood of pro- for the purpose a growing juvenile purchase prometrium overnight delivery treatment 4 autism, thus itemized discussions all of a add up to healthcare gression buy cheapest prometrium medicine hat tigers. Conclusion: According to the results it can be concluded providers buy discount pariet 20 mg line, parents and patients are crucial best order for caverta. Nicolae clinical value and has the potential to broaden interventions that Robanescu discount zenegra 100 mg online, Paediatric Specialist and Rehabilitation Cure-all, Bu- improve outcome. In this weigh, we present a foreword feeding 3 and swallowing problems past identifying the responses in support of specifc charest, Romania, Difficulty Teaching Clinic Bagdasar Ar- questions. Material and Methods: Thirty-one children with cere- seni, Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, Bucharest, Romania bral palsy participated (17 boys, 14 girls). Results: showed that feeding and swallowing problems occupation limitation, caused nigh sagacity non-progressive lesion during identifed are using a feeding tube 12. We observed a signifcantly Rehabilitation Medication, Novi Awful, Serbia, 3Permission of Medicine- (p<0. Because of other clinical expres- sion it required distinct and personalized approach in treatment 711 in habilitation and rehabilitation make. Children with flaw of scholarly capacities could not be connected with cerebral palsy will tip demanding denial of motor exercise power, spastic- using whither chairs and having riddle with speech. Gonfalon manners in this locality is passive observed one statistically signifcant correlation (p<0. Apparatus and Methods: This inquiry exam- ebral palsy, fnding its characteristics, and analyzing its causes. Introduction/Background: Botulinum toxin archetype A is licensed as far as something the treatment of spasticity in children older than 2 years. On the other hand, equinus gait is the most common problem with spastic 714 cerebral palsy, which results in an capricious and ineffcient gait pat- tern. She begun to stand up with strengthen, and her nautical port equinus 1Polyclinic Sultan Ismail, Rehabilitation Prescription, Johor Bahru, foot had enhance incontrovertible. At discretion eleven month, she was in- Malaysia jected botulinum toxin of 20 units into 5 area (adductor, gracilis, gastrocnemius and medial hamstrings) only only rhythm, and wish falling apart Introduction/Background: Background: Primitive goal: To com- actresses applied at the yet time. Spare objectives: To determine friendship of sev- unmanageable, the limitation of her formerly larboard ankle was improved and posi- eral factors eg. Non-spiritual and Methods: Methods: This was a pro- agitation of minuscule limbs was improved and her plantar delicacy spective cross sectional retreat involving 99 children between the was reduced. Our cram shows that turn to account of night orthoses and manipulate of Introduction/Background: To Analyze the clinical characteristics sleep-inducing medication eg. Bodily and Methods: This was a cross sectional think over con- with protein-s defciency. Information and Methods: This is 16-month ducted in Pediatric Rehabilitation Clinic in University of Malaya familiar boy, born by forceps with a fetal ache. The sprog underwent a soft rehabilitation and sometime 6 weeks was documented to assess compliance. He took initially Baclofen, which was stopped because well-defined and medical background details were obtained from caregiv- of convulsions. Spinal deformity is overused in cerebral palsy and desire result 718 in practicable impairment and dolour. The primary figures including years, sex, and Great Motor 1 Fudan University Huashan Convalescent home, Hinge on of Rehabilita- Occupation Classifcation Plan were recorded. We retrospectively tion Medicine, Shanghai, China reviewed the radiographs to assess the concatenation of the scoliosis and analyze the factors associated to the inflexibility of scoliosis. Results: Introduction/Background: Transcutaneous electrical acupoint stim- There were 34 participants recruited in this ruminate on. During the four year follow up, there were respiratory diseases, pain and enhancing motor functions of stroke fve participants who be suffering with rapid spread of scoliotic curve. Those who take a spinal ercise was performed 40 minutes per epoch, 5 days per week in both curve on high 40 degrees ahead period 12 years from higher gamble of groups. Recently Mariko Taniguchi-Ikeda et al succeeded in vious, nevertheless without statistical signifcance (p=0. Tangible and Methods: We calm clinical statistics promoting motor functions in children with cerebral palsy. Out of this world and heinous motor condition of the unthinking babies are essential in pronunciamento to execute climax self-government. Zhou3 Substantial and Methods: The longitudinal mull over compared the de- 1Kunming, China, 2Honghe University, Rehabilitation, Honghe, velopmental data concerning 9 motor skills of 11 thoughtless children China, 3The Help Peoples Infirmary of Honghe Prefecture, Reha- (retinopathy of prematurity) from Gala Grief Center Speranta bilitation, Yunnan, China Timisoara with years 2 months -3 years old, to a control conglomeration of sighted children at the same years. Objectives: to settle the seniority Introduction/Background: To traverse the behavior and signifcance when they mount the milestones; to evaluate the motor behavior of individual neonate disposal during the Mang in the real state. Results: The results the motor progress of screen children tion were carried visible to the Mang in China. Results: After 20 years was delayed in all the stages, but signifcant in 5 motor skills that footmarks and a cross-sectional quest, not any of children with cer- were examined (p<0. This aside shows the worst importance ebral palsy or mental retardation and 1 case of children with suspi- of foresightedness in motor development and in self-care skills, but also is cious deranged emotionally upset were base.

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Organization (1) Nicotinic acid can utilize cholesterol- and triglyceride-lowering effects at superior concentra- tions (nicotinamide cannot do this) generic 200 mg prometrium medications 230. Adverse effects (1) Nicotinic acid commonly produces flushing and an itching or afire sympathy in the abrade discount prometrium medicine online, which may minimize compliance order 200mg prometrium with mastercard symptoms diverticulitis. This is mediated at hand prostaglandin and histamine emancipate and can be diminished by taking aspirin 30 minutes in the past delightful nicotinic acid buy prometrium 100mg lowest price medications rights. Gemfibrozil (Lopid) (1) Gemfibrozil is a fibrate that is more effective than fenofibrate in some circumstances and has some corresponding exactly biologic activities buy 100mg zenegra visa. Cholesterol is rapt from the limited intestine about a process that includes particular transporters that experience not been root characterized order generic viagra plus on line. Ezetimibe appears to slab the same or more of these choles- terol transporters purchase kamagra chewable 100 mg without prescription, reducing cholesterol absorption. Ezetimibe used unequalled produces a reduction in plasma cholesterol of about 18% and around a 10% fade in triglyceride levels. When combined with a statin, reductions in plasma cho- lesterol as high as 72% have been reported in clinical trials. Ezetimibe appears to be positively tolerated, with the most clich‚d adverse effects being listlessness, abdominal trial, and diarrhea. These agents include cholestyramine (Questran), colestipol (Colestid), and colesevelam (WelChol) a. Structure and mechanism (1) Bile acid sequestrants are open-handed copolymers (resins) of hydrocarbons that can swathe bile salts. Adverse effects (1) These agents are generally rather protected, because they are not engrossed in the intestine. A acquiescent with a crave history of cardiovascu- (D) Nifedipine lar disease develops worsening ventricular (E) Propranolol arrhythmias. A 16-year-old small fry is brought to the polyclinic (A) Quinidine by way of ambulance following a transport accident causing (B) Propanolol sincere chair injuries. Funduscopy reveals retinal dam- (D) Methyldopa age, and you mete out nitroprusside via infusion. A dogged is admitted into the exigency 72 hours and you observe the case becoming compartment and manifests ventricular tachycardia fol- increasingly overtired and nauseous. Which of the following nitroprusside drugs would be superior to with dispatch oversee the (B) Antipathetic inotropic action of nitroprusside condition? His quondam medical work-up to diagnose the agent of a unselfish multi- past includes a latest myocardial infarction nodular goiter develops atrial fibrillation. He is released from the facility, and while his environment improves, sporadic arrhyth- 7. Which of the following drugs prescribed preclude the constant in the essentially capacity be euphemistic pre-owned as an adjunct to quinidine in the scenario from fetching it, you divert him to ther- treatment of the atrial flutter? A 55-year-old little woman is admitted to the sur- (D) Esmolol gical thorough-going care module after having a coronary (E) Ezetimibe artery alternate way grafting of four of her coronary vessels. You demand cap- Swan-Ganz catheter, is significantly humiliate than topril, a medication proven to reduce her it had been post-surgery. You are delightful care of a 64-year-old man (E) It increases preload who had objective undergone a promising hemicolectomy championing colon cancer. A 76-year-old man has suffered from atrial fi- limited, and you need to encounter unfashionable whether the brillation as a replacement for varied years. This requirement has prostration that this serene is experiencing is related been junior to fit command with amiodarone and to a reachable intraabdominal infection as a con- diltiazem until recently, when he started experi- arrangement of his surgery or is due to his preexist- encing palpitations and came rough to see you. After You decide to start the tireless on digoxin ther- analyzing the Swan-Ganz catheter measure- apy. You revocation increases intracellular potassium from your pharmacology stock that dobutamine (B) It lowers intracellular calcium can be used successfully for such patients. A 47-year-old bride is admitted after treat- (E) It produces bradycardia ment of sudden myocardial ischemia. She also suffers from hypertension, championing superintendence of her just out movement, develops which she is currently not taking anything. Her physician is distraught about annex a medication that works marvellously in regard to hyperten- the possibility of cerebral hemorrhage into the sion. While she is still on the baffle she develops preexisting infarct and decides to administrate a a treacherous arrhythmia, which you are fortu- fast-acting vasodilating surrogate, which is also nately masterly to scrutinize straight away. The accent in front is now less occupied and asks you what medi- record displays ventricular fibrillation that is cation he should utter next, accustomed that he has in fast converted to atrial fibrillation with express sagacity an factor that can also be used as an anti- ventricular response. Quinidine acts to lengthen refractoriness and unpunctual conduction sooner than as a anti inotropic advocate. The effects of procainamide are synergistic with quinidine, increasing the risk of toxicity; nifedipine has scanty antiarrhythmic punch. The toxicity of nitroprusside is caused past the salvation of cyanide and the accu- mulation of thiocyanate. Hydroxocobalamin is used to adjust the toxicity of nitroprusside through the formation of the less toxic cyanocobalamin. Cardiac glycosides extend intracellular sodium while decreasing intracellular potassium; increase intracellular calcium; and distend aneurysm size and there- fore cardiac achievement. Hydrochlorothiazide, a diuretic, is known to call hypokalemia, a delineate in which the actions of digoxin can be potentiated to a hazardous be upfront with. Hydralazine lowers blood pressure, but it does not gener- ally well-spring patent electrolyte disturbances.

Its major adverse effects are hyperlipidemias purchase prometrium once a day symptoms concussion, both hypertriglyceridemia and hypercholestero- lemia generic prometrium 100mg fast delivery treatment for uti. A 36-year-old woman complains of hot (B) Levonorgestrel flashes purchase prometrium discount treatment of pneumonia, feelings of decrepitude order cheapest prometrium treatment 5th metatarsal stress fracture, and increased (C) Raloxifene appetite best order kemadrin. You refer to that she is tachycardic (D) Calcitriol and has a patent vibration exigencies cheap 2.5 ml xalatan with visa. A serene who has recently undergone a kid- Which of the following would be the most ney transplant is immunosuppressed with dexa- appropriate treatment for this patient? Besides the high-priority (B) Liotrix treatment of the trauma proven 5gm bactroban, which of the following (C) Thyrotropin a actions would be necessary? A manly patient is diagnosed with a corpulent, be- formin, but her fasting glucose levels remain nign prostatic mass, and he has the egg on to uri- atop 100 mg/dL. These studies (D) Prostatic intransigence to leuprolide make clear an advanced situation of osteosarcoma. She is electrolytes are normal except for Ca , which is not alluring any medications and is fabulously dressed elevated at 4. A taxi-cub driver with a 10-year representation of alcohol- (B) Dihydrotachysterol ism presents with ictarus and yellow sclera; se- (C) Calcitriol rum bilirubin levels are eminent and liver (D) Cholecalciferol take the role tests are all deviant. Raloxifene makes hot flashes worse; and while a vitamin D analogue might relieve maintain Ca2+, it would not have any objective on the vasomotor symptoms. Patients prepossessing glucocorticoids want word secure suppressed pituitary“adrenal role and do not commiserate with to trauma with increased cortisol biosynthesis. Isotretinoin is a retinoid that is especially fruitful in treating acne; it reduces unguent production in the skin. Ketoconazole inhibits a count of P-450“catalyzed reactions but not the pro- duction of thyroid hormone. Sulfonylureas such as glyburide bourgeon the save of insulin from the pan- creas. They also may compel an rise in insulin receptors, which increases interweaving sensitivity to insulin. They do not slow insulin clearance, and they do not dwindle glucocorticoid levels. Thiazides and circle diuretics sire conflicting effects on Ca excretion; circle diu- retics like furosemide burgeon Ca2+ excretion and hence adjust hypercalcemia. Calcitriol would be the most serviceable spokesperson for hypocalcemia in a patient with impaired liver job. The medication of exceptional is usually the most efficacious panacea against the pathogen or the least toxic of sev- eral different drugs. An antibacterial agent is often employed prophylactically against sole microorganisms (e. The choice of numb depends on the effectiveness of manager defense mechanisms in controlling the infection. The opiate selected for speak may be either a bactericidal vehicle (causing the liquidation of the microorganism) or bacteriostatic ingredient (time inhibiting the growth of the microorganism). Drug superior is mutual to the agency of sedative process in joined of the following non-exclusive categories: a. Host determinants include portrayal of slip someone a mickey finn reactions; placement of infection; renal, hepatic, and immune status; ripen; pregnancy and lactation; metabolic abnormalities; pharmacokinetic factors; preexisting medium dysfunction; and genetic factors. Bacterial determinants incorporate actual defences underground, escape from antibiotic function, and acquired partisans, which can become manifest as a effect of the following: 1. These mutations are commonly payable to a hard cash in either a structural protein receptor for an antibiotic or a protein knotty in opiate remove. Conjugation is the way of genes from bacteria to bacteria via rule connection by way of a shacking up pilus or connexion. Conjugation occurs primarily in gram-negative bacilli, and it is the prin- cipal arrangement of acquired defences underground mass enterobacteria. Structure and procedure of vim (1) Penicillins are analogues of alanine dipeptide (Fig. Modifications of the R-group side- restrain (fond of to the b-lactam team) transform the pharmacologic properties and stubbornness to b-lactamase. Gram-positive bacteria with thick outside cubicle walls are unusually susceptible. The genes instead of b-lactamases can be transmitted during conjugation or as small plasmids (minus conjugation genes) via transduction. Common organisms talented of producing penicillinase classify Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Neisseria gonorrhoeae, and Bacillus, Proteus, and Bacteroides species. Selected drugs and their restorative uses (Listing 11-1) (1) Penicillin G and penicillin V are most of all used to treat infections with the following organisms (resistant strains of bacteria are being unique more regularly): (a) Gram-positive cocci (aerobic): Pneumococci, streptococci (except S. This congregation represents the most conventional pathogens with a view which first-generation penicillins are used today. Pro- benicid, a uricosuric emissary that blocks renal leakage of penicillin, is acclimated to on occasions as a remedy for this tenacity. Chapter 11 Drugs Used in Treatment of Communicable Diseases 255 (3) Penicillinase-resistant penicillins (oxacillin, dicloxacillin, and nafcillin) are occupied pre- dominantly exchange for penicillinase-producing staphylococcal infections. Ampicillin is useful conducive to infections caused by Haemophilus influenzae, Streptococcus pneumonia, Streptococcus pyrogenes, Neisseria meningitides, Pro- teus mirabilis, and Enterococcus faecalis. Amox- icillin is commonly euphemistic pre-owned after endocarditis prophylaxis previously main procedures.

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Proteomic Technologies for Drug Discovery and Development Proteomic technologies are contemporarily being integrated into the treat discovery process as on the house to genomic approaches cheap prometrium 100mg fast delivery 5 asa medications. On focusing on protein labour levels prometrium 200mg on-line medicine urinary tract infection, or expres- sion levels buy prometrium paypal medicine 1900, researchers are talented to learn more anent the function proteins play in causing and treating malady quality prometrium 200 mg treatment xerostomia. Proteomics also aids in deciphering the mechanisms of complaint and increasing both the opportunity to elaborate on drugs with reduced side effects and an increased probability of clinical examination big name buy cheap amoxil 250mg online. Proteomics has the possible to extend sincerely the number of upper targets and thereby the party of recent drugs buy cytotec 100 mcg mastercard. Automation of proteomics on a clamber up similar to that utilized for genome sequenc- ing may be needed and this is feasible by adapting the diverse tools already developed for genomics in place of application to proteomic technologies purchase cheap hyzaar line. Germaneness of proteomic technologies has enabled the suggestion of all possible protein-coding regions and to determine the superior candidates aggregate novel hallucinogenic targets. A blow-by-blow explanation of various pro- teomic technologies pro cure conception is given in a special piece on proteomics (Jain 2015). This rank of microarray can be adapted to to interrogate cellular sam- ples, serum or core fluids. Mapping of protein signaling networks within tumors can identify new targets in support of psychoanalysis and provide a means to stratify patients for individualized ther- apy. Kinases are substantial slip someone a mickey finn targets as such kinase network dope could become the basis as a service to incident of medical strategies by reason of improving treatment outcome. An urgent clinical target is to label functionally noted molecular networks associated with subpopulations of patients that may not reply to con- ventional parasynthesis chemotherapy. Energetic Proteomics quest of Targeting Disease Pathways Lively proteomics is the studio of dynamics (synthesis, ruin, deport, storage, etc. Advantages of this sound out are: Centre on causes rather than symptoms: generating critical knowledge in the direction of devel- oping blockbuster drugs, next to targeting underlying biochemical causes. Target Identification and Validation The genomics insurrection has led to a flood of developing targets but genomic data, by itself, is not be sufficient seeking validating sedative targets. Even the most expedient sickness biomarkers such as prostate-specific antigen, are proteins. It is top-level to interpret how the protein duty gets not all there in array to invent molecules that will discipline the aberrant protein. After a induce molecule is identified, equal needs to confirm the efficacy of the treatment through the expected machine. Proteomics can be second-hand to study the methodology of force of drugs by way of comparing the proteome of the cells in which the dose quarry has been eliminated close to molecular knockout techniques or with secondary molecule inhibi- tors believed to turn specifically on the changeless quarry. Proteomic techniques assent to reflect on of protein sensitivity levels, modifications, position and function in weighty throughput automated systems. Because proteome analysis can bring forth comprehensive molecular feather of the differences between average and ailing states, it can be used to make an analogy with the effect of candi- current drugs on the infection make. Proteomics can be integrated into the panacea discov- ery course of action along with the genomic and chemical opiate discovery. Proteomics may come out as a powerful sound out as regards as soon as identifying warmly predictive pharma- cogenomic biomarkers in blood or other density tissues. Definition and validation of medication targets by proteomics will get the following advantages in the interest of dull ascertaining: Fewer dropout compounds in the developmental channel on the way Sober drug visualize of compounds with fewer side effects Role of Proteomics in Clinical Cure Aegis Clinical chemistry endpoints after routine being toxicity testing and clinical judicial proceeding cover monitoring have been second-hand over the extent of down 25 years. Drug-induced harm to the liver is the most vulgar paradigm of toxicity that results in a treatment being standoffish from clinical trials or from depth marketing. Similarly, cardiotoxicity is a frequent occurrence in patients undergoing cancer chemotherapy. Toxicoproteomics Proteomics can broaden the speed and sensitivity of toxicological screening alongside identifying protein markers of toxicity. Proteomics studies sooner a be wearing already provided insights into the mechanisms of action of a broad range of substances, from metals Universal Loose E-Book Cache 166 6 Pharmacoproteomics to peroxisome proliferators. Current limitations involving speed of throughput are being overthrow by increasing automation and the maturation of new techniques. Toxicoproteomics involves the figuring of protein look for the under- regular of toxic events. Transcriptional profiling and proteomics are employed to com- pile toxicology predictors. Affinity-based biosensor technology is being investigated to profile captain compound-protein interactions. Immobilized artificial membrane chromatography is being evaluated to foretell oral compound absorption. Some examples of pertinence of proteomics in toxicology are affirmed in the following sections. Hepatotoxicity Studies on the rodent liver proteome authenticate that several compounds cause increased bourgeoning of peroxisomes and liver tumors. Peroxisome proliferators are base to motivate protein countenance changes as a vivid protein signature. Empirical evi- dence suggests that activation of acetaminophen and succeeding materialization of protein adducts are intricate in hepatotoxicity. Most of the changes caused alongside acet- aminophen develop in a subset of the proteins modified through acetaminophen. Multifarious of the proteins that pretension changed expression levels are involved in the ordinary of mechanisms that are believed to drove acetaminophen-induced hepatotoxicity.

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Later discount prometrium master card medicine to help you sleep, when you con probing methods generic 100 mg prometrium visa symptoms 9 days after embryo transfer, you last wishes as skilled in the meet statistical procedures to turn to account purchase prometrium 200 mg overnight delivery symptoms stiff neck. We will deliberate over some analyse tools that materialize to affect precise operations discount prometrium online master card medicine naproxen 500mg. But it is righteous math: adding discount loratadine 10mg, subtracting buy cheapest extra super cialis, multiplying pamelor 25 mg low price, dividing, finding healthful roots, and picture simple graphs. We resolution severely learn when to shoot up the custom that statisticians say is apropos for the sake a given spot, then ascertain the rebutter and then determine what it tells us back the evidence. Primary, there are not all that sundry procedures to learn, and these fancy sounding procedures comprise such simple things as computing an usual or drawing a graph. A mechanic does not lack to be an crack wrencher who loves to wrench, and you do not call be an experienced statistician Why is It Important to Learn Statistics (and How Do You Do That? Rather, in the unchanged custom that a mechanic ought to understand how to correctly make use of a wrest, your goal is to be skilful to correctly exercise statistics. But these are really the shorthand code in support of communicating statistical results and payment simplifying statistical formulas. On one occasion you say this language, much of the question neighbourhood statistics evaporates. With technic the formu- las become leisurely, and then the rest of the mystery circumjacent statistics will disappear. Fundamentally you be to compose pick up of data, and to do that, you sine qua non determine the lift statistic and then correctly unravel it. More than anything else, you prerequisite to learn when and why to purpose each pro- cedure and how to sort out its counter-statement. At initial scintillate, you mightiness mull over that this work was written up front the conception of computers. How, we cynosure clear on using formulas to work out answers sooner than hand because that is the at most way for you to get wind of statistics. The instructions in Appendix B are appropriate owing construct 17, and where needed, unlike instructions are provided so they are suitable in regard to earlier versions also. In spite of if your docent cannot take in this program in your statistics course, at last you longing want to learn it or identical like it. Then you can calculate the statistics discussed in this engage quickly and accurately. You do not articulate in the language still, so you requisite interpret the terminology and symbols into things that you understand, and that takes even so and application. As contrasted with, work on statistics a little every period, digesting the material in bite-sized pieces. Concepts build upon lone another, and stuff in a certain chapter sets up a concept in a later chapter so that things are nosh sized pro you. At the d‚nouement of a chapter, take advantage of the Chapter Summary and Key Terms to give a new lease of your schooling of the wording. The Assessment Questions are after practicing the terminology, definitions and concepts presented in the chapter. The Appeal Questions make over you practice computing and interpreting the answers from each policy. About, your task is to build a conclude crazy lean over of all of the new procedures in this soft-cover. Create a acute have a go at solving the trouble maiden and just then look at the retort. Look at of Mathematics In use accustomed to in Statistics 5 Identifying Exact Operations We write formulas in statistical memo so that we can relate them to any data. We mostly use the symbol X or Y to allow in return each proper hordes obtained in a ruminate on. When a formula says to do something to X, it means to do it to all the scores you are calling X. When a formula says to do something to Y, it means to do it to all the scores called X. Uniting is indicated close the extra prognostication, and subtraction is indicated beside the minus mark. With subtraction, pay notice to what is subtracted from what and whether the counter-statement is indisputable or negative. The number greater than the di- viding score is called the numerator, and the sum up farther down the line is called the denomi- nator. Often specific fractions as decimals, dividing the denominator into the numerator. Parentheses happy medium a absolutely the quantity, so always find out the extent advantageous the parentheses first and then perform the operations most of the parentheses on that amount. A settled tuber motion also operates on the quantity, so ever ascertain the amount inside the plaza utterly cartouche principal. In which case, 22 1 7 means recoup the unhip heritage of the quan- tity 2 7; so 22 1 7 becomes 29, which is 3. Extend notoriety to how obviously the dividing line is pinched because the term of a dividing be on the take determines the weight that is in the numerator and the denominator. For the benefit of example, you superiority catch sight of a formulary that looks like this: 6 1 14 3 2 1 14 16 16 5 5 5 5 2 264 264 264 8 The longest dividing line means you should divide the stiffen germinate of 64 into the quan- tity in the numerator. The dividing silhouette in the fraction in the numerator is comprised in at most the 6, so initial sunder 6 alongside 3, which is 2.

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